State of ICO ratings in 2018 (part 3)

Disclaimer: Data present in this research is only relevant just at this particular moment, i.e. March 2018.

Links to Part 1, Part 2


If you missed previous parts (1, 2), I totally recommend you to visit them, as they cover some good general stuff:

The list of List of reviewed ICO rating services is the same as for part 2, so I will not repeat it here.

ICO ratings deviation

After we matched all ICO listings, now it is possible to see some interesting metrics of how the same ICO is rated across various services.

What is the average ICO rating deviation across ICO rating services?

Standard deviation of ICO ratings

Which ICOs have maximum rating deviation?

TOP-20 ICOs with maximum rating deviation

The most controversial ICO EiraCube is actually considered by some people to be a scam. So no wonder that it got some of the most extreme ratings.

Which ICOs have minimum rating deviation?

TOP ICOs with minimum rating deviation

ICO ratings services skewness

How on average ICO services deviate ratings from average for the same ICOs?

There are two charts one for all “score-type” ratings and one for all ratings combined. Rules for grading are the same as in Part 2 of the research.

Skewness of ICO rating services (only "score-type" ratings)

Skewness of ICO rating services (all ratings)

Interesting that 2 services with greater listings ( and are right in the middle of the pack.

ICO ratings services similarity

Is there any correlation between ICO rating services?

For this I will take ICO rating services in pairs and measure how are rating for the same ICO differ between the paired services.

On the following chart the lesser the number the more alike the ratings from two selected ICO rating services are.

Average rating variation between ICO rating services (only "score-type" ratings)

Average rating variation between ICO rating services (all ratings)

Bonus: ICOBench - Experts vs Profile ratings

As calculates its overall rating based on two components:

  1. “Profile rating” based own rating methodology
  2. Community Experts rating

I really wanted to see how are these different from each other. ratings distribution: Experts vs Profile

On average Experts and Profile ratings for the same ICOs do in fact differ:


Key conclusions after all 3 parts of ICO rating research:

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